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Test Groupings, EPA Methods, Federal, State and Local Testing Requirements come in all shapes and sizes.  We hope that this section will shed a little light on a very complex subject.



Testing for real estate transactions and new construction generally include one or more of the following:


Total Coliform


FHA Minimum Requirements

FHA 11 Point Testing Requirements

Radon in Air


For water supplies that are regulated by the NYS Department of Health, one or more of the following groups may be required:


Total Coliform

Nitrate and Nitrite

Lead and Copper

IOC's (Inorganic Chemicals)

VOC's (Volatile Organics)

SOC's (Synthetic Organics)

Part 5 Primary and Secondary Drinking Water Standards



For more details about testing groups and the analytes they include, try the links on the right of this page.


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