Concerns & Recommended Testing

Information about common concerns are listed below if you are unsure what you may want tested

Water Smells or tastes bad or odd• Total Coliform
Tastes Metallic• Metals
Tastes Salty• Chlorides
• Total Dissolved Solids
Discolored or Sediment
           • Rusty• Iron
           • Green or Blue staining• Copper
• Corrosivity Package 
           • White or Brown Sediment• Hardness
• Metals
Near a Highway• Chlorides
Lakes or Ponds for Swimming• Fecal Coliform
For Bank or Health Dept.Possibly need: FHA Package
*Check with who is requiring
you to get the testing.
Your situation is
unique to you!*
Near Gas Station or underground Oil Tank• VOC
Near Farmland• Nitrates
Near an Apple Orchard• Nitrates
• Arsenic
• Pesticides
Near Dump, Junkyard, Landfill, or Factory• VOC
• Total Dissolved Solids
• pH
• Chloride
• Heavy Metals
Fish Ponds• Fecal Coliform
• Dissolved Oxygen
• Alkalinity
• Total Phosphate
• Nitrate
• pH